The team

Gillian O'Shea, Gateway to WellnessProgramme director Gillian O’Shea is a Holistic Wellness Practitioner with 16 years training and experience in Specialised Kinesiology, EFT, NLP, NOT, energy healing, massage,  nutrition and permaculture.

Dr Melody Fourie, Gateway to Wellness

Dr Melody Fourie is a Holistic Wellness Practitioner and motivational speaker, practicing Living-Foods Functional Nutrition.
Mel is also part of a team of practitioners at Doctors Beyond Medicine – a non-profit organization, that volunteer their services at “bush” clinics serving underprivileged communities throughout South Africa. She holds degrees in Holistic Health Science, Holistic Nutrition and Botanical Medicine.

Andre Slabbert, Gateway to WellnessAndre Slabbert is a Naturologist practising Iridology, Sclerodology, bio quantum assessments and Rife. He owns Natural Healing health shop, is a gifted alchemist and formulates client specific support for people all around the world.

Vicky Booyens, Gateway to WellnessVicky Booyens is an Ozone and Cryo Therapist who provides some of the treatments on offer in our programmes through Tree of Life Wellness Centre in Knysna.

MarionMarion Witte is an Iyengar Yoga practitioner providing essential instruction to help balance body and mind. Marion has been a yoga practitioner for 26 years. She feels that Iyengar Yoga provides the perfect ingredients for people of all ages, body-types and physical and non-physical challenges. Iyengar Yoga focuses on alignment and precision. It balances working towards strength and flexibility. She infuses her teaching with one of the main philosophies of yoga – the gradual movement for the individual from the gross to the subtle in order to achieve a stilling of the mind.

arncoloursoftAs a teacher and practitioner of Unity Consciousness, Arn “Zingdad” Allingham has been healing souls and transforming lives both directly, through personal healing interventions and indirectly, through his publications. Published under the pseudonym “Zingdad”, Arn is the author of numerous life-changing spiritual books, videos, audio publications and seminar series including the best-selling book, “The Ascension Papers”. Arn is also responsible for developing the “Soul Re-Integration” healing modality upon which he has built a thriving healing practice serving an international client base.